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Probiotics Technology Licensing

Probiotics manufacturing licensing option is offered by ProLact, which can help any company to manufacture probiotic products with the highest quality and distribute them in bulk or as retail products. The technological operations depend on the original technology of space food for the international space program named InterCosmos, which was developed in the late 80s, at the same time our technological process and operations had greatly improved throughout the years so that we reached nominal bacteria count of around 3.5x109 in all batches, however the production costs were significantly lowered by over 500%. Higher bacteria concentrations are also possible, but our studies show that higher concentrations do not significantly add to the beneficial effects of the probiotics.

The technology licensing option includes:

  • Providing technical records, specification, and technical documentations of the whole manufacturing operations, down to the very detail.

  • Sourcing of the contents and ingredients required for the manufacturing process.

  • Procedures, results, and check lists that assist in checking the quality

  • Conduct employee training of the manufacturing operations in real conditions

  • Provide continuous supply of bacteria starter cultures that are required to manufacture high quality probiotic products.

  • Ongoing documentation upgrade for the duration of the contract with optimized and new recipes for probiotic manufacturing.

  • Troubleshooting support.

  • Referential checking of the manufacturing process that is considered against our quality measures.

  • Readily developed formulas of over 50 retail products like: functional food, probiotic in the capsule's forms and probiotic cosmetics.

Depending on the market size we give licensing as per country or per state/province basis. Custom quotation is given based on the market in which the probiotic product will be distributed. Moreover, a royalty fee per kilogram is charged, and subject to a minimum monthly amount.

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