About ProLact Probiotics

About ProLact probiotics
About ProLact probiotics

Building on top of 30 years of experience

A quick brief of probiotics

What are probiotics?

Probiotics are live bacteria that are good for you, especially your digestive system. Your body is full of bacteria, both “good” and “bad”. Like everything in life the “good” ones are less than the bad. Probiotics are often called "good" bacteria because they keep your gut healthy. They balance your "good" and "bad" bacteria equilibrium to keep your body functioning the way it should in the most optimal way. Good bacteria keep you healthy by supporting your digestive tract, immune system, and by reducing inflammations.

How ProLact probiotics could help you:

  • Regulate the functions of the digestive system
  • Increase the effectiveness of the immunological system against infectious diseases
  • Alleviate the intolerance of lactic sugar
  • Decrease the level of cholesterol
  • Decrease ammonia in blood
  • Suppress the growth of the pathogenic microorganisms in the digestive tract
  • Deliver high quantity and quality dairy amino acids and peptides
  • Regulates digestion acidity levels, thus reducing the symptoms of acid reflux disease
  • Has anti-malignancy effect
  • Increase longevity
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ProLact's partner manufacturing facilities are certified and are strictly following all procedures of:
Not yet another probiotics company :)

What Makes Us Different

  • 1

    Space Food

    Originally our products were developed as food for astronauts. Bulgaria is one of the first manufacturers of space food, with the Bulgarian space menu being currently in use by many space programs across the world.

  • 2

    Original Bacterial Cultures

    We carefully select only the best probiotic bacteria with the most beneficial effects on the organism. The soft biotechnological process preserves and enchances the effects of the bacteria to bring the most to the consumer.

  • 3

    All Natural

    ProLact company values, strictly disallows the use of GMO ingredients, soy, preservatives, gluten and artificial coloring. These ingredients don't belong in your body, nor in our products!

  • 4

    Bio Microencapsulation

    ProLact's unique microencapsulation technology, preserves the live strains for a very long periods of time at room temperatures.

  • 5

    Centries Old Traditions

    ProLact offers all natural probiotics, based on highly concentrated form of yoghurt with Lactobacillus Bulgaricus and a blend of carefully selected "good" bacteria.

  • 6

    The Science Behind

    ProLact develops and tests all products in colaboration with the University of Food Technologies in Plovdiv and other leading scientific centers. The initial research and development was carried as a classified project for the military and space program in Bulgaria.


ProLact Highlights

The soft biotechnological process, used by ProLact guarantees strain potency and low product costs, due to our proprietary technology

Space Food Technology

High Bacteria Concentration

All natural probiotics


Probiotics are more than you think

ProLact Probiotics Applications

  • 1

    Probiotic functional food/powder/capsules/tables

    Either with or without added ingredients/extracts/essential oils.

  • 2

    Easy to Consume

    Probiotics in easy to consume bars form, which can be easily molded in bar shape mixed with adhesive components, such as chocolate, jellies, concentrated jams, etc.

  • 3


    Cosmetics applications, like: facial masks, cremes, scrubbing cosmetics, soaps, etc.

  • 4

    Space Food

    saving space and low weight, suitable for space missions. The beneficial effects of the products solve many issues of spacemen.

  • 5

    Special Applications

    Army feeding during military missions, especially in remote areas where food is unavailable, restricted or impose a health risk. Low weight and high energy content, including all essential components make the products very suitable for these applications, especially when combined with additional supplements. The food could also be used as emergency food supply for air force and naval military units, because of its long shelf life – over 5 years without significant change in product characteristics.

  • 6

    Extreme Conditions

    The products are very suitable and have been tested under extreme conditions, such as mountain hikers, North/South pole missions, remote areas survivors, supplying food in emergency conditions.

  • 7


    The products have been previously tested with excellent results for parenteral feeding of patients when regular food is not suitable to be taken.

  • 8

    Pet Food

    The probiotics have been successfully tested and used with feeding various animals, such as dogs, cats, poultry, horses, and bees. Custom applications for animal feeding could be applied, greatly reducing the usage of antibiotics, so having bio certified animal products.

  • 9


    The probiotics could be a very beneficial add on to various natural fertilisers, improving growth rate, plant quality and protection against naturally occuring issues, such as bacteria and microorganisms.

Our Experts

ProLact Space Food Team

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