ProLact Business Opportunities

ProLact Business Opportunities


Probiotics export

ProLact offers retail product lines for direct export, such as probiotic functional food in powder form and various added ingredients, or food supplements in capsule form. Retail probiotics are offered under the ProLact brand.

ProLact has adopted a flexible approach to market trends in recent years where there is a growth in trade with Private Label products. Therefore, the company offers clients the manufacturing of desired products under their own brand.

ProLact technology is based on the production of dairy probiotics from cow or goat milk, having different features and varying technology of production. We offer bulk probiotics suitable for various applications.

We offer the opportunity to develop your own MLM business with probiotics. This gives you absolute exclusivity for the country or region you are in. Franchasing include MLM software, know how, marketing materials, etc.

Probiotics manufacturing licensing option allows any company to manufacture probiotic products with the highest quality and distribute them in bulk or as retail products. Licensing includes the actual technology process, training and QC.

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